13 May 2008

Handwriting on the Wall for Clinton?

Dow Jones Insight Staff
We don’t know if it’s on the wall, but it’s on the Dow Jones Insight Discovery Chart for Hillary Clinton (below). Over the past two days, the most common newly discovered terms occurring in close proximity* to Clinton’s name are quite telling, to say the least.

Press mentions of “once-imposing lead,” “big problem” and “worst thing” probably say it all, but several of the less-obvious terms listed in the chart also indicate it may finally be over for Clinton’s presidential run: as Obama added four “more endorsements,” including two from “Virgin Islands” superdelegates who had previously endorsed Clinton, he exceed Clinton in the superdelegate count for the first time. Meanwhile, Obama strategist “David Axelrod” very clearly turned his campaign’s attention toward McCain, though Clinton strategist “Howard Wolfson” vowed to continue on.

* “Close proximity” is defined as within about 50 words.

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