03 April 2008

McCain Team Looks to Boost Press Coverage in April

Pati Carson
Dow Jones Insight Staff

The Web site Politico reported recently that the presumed Republican candidate's campaign team plans to step up efforts to keep McCain in the news in April, with a “Service to America” tour at the beginning of the month followed by specific themes in each week the rest of the month. While McCain has benefited by being somewhat on the sidelines as the Democrats duke it out, too little coverage could also have a downside. We’ll report back at mid-month on how the effort is going in terms of raising McCain’s overall coverage. For now, he remains a distant third when analyzing both mainstream and social media on a global basis.

Methodology: The total number of unique documents in the above analysis is 383,293. Sources include more than 6,000 newspapers, wires, magazines, radio and TV transcripts; more than 13,000 current-awareness news Web sites; 2 million of the most influential blogs; and more than 6,000 message boards.

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