10 March 2008

Pennsylvania Papers Show Leaning toward Clinton

By Glenn Fannick

Dow Jones Insight staff

Following Obama's victory in the Wyoming caucuses on Saturday, the mainstream press coverage on Sunday and Monday showed a tendency to talk more about Obama than about Clinton and McCain. In our survey of more than 6,000 publications for Sunday and Monday, we see 3,506 mentions of Obama, to 3,341 mentions of Clinton, to 2,070 for McCain.

However, in Pennsylvania, the largest yet-to-be-contested primary state, the press still showed a tendency to talk about Clinton more. By looking at the total excerpts (each mention of a candidate's name), we see that there were 149 mentions of "Hillary Clinton", to 131 mentions of "Barack Obama", to 73 for John McCain.

Interesting then, that the press in Pennsylvania -- a state which watchers say could go for Clinton -- seems to be slightly favoring Clinton in how many times they mentioned her name over Obama's.

Methodology: Total media coverage includes analysis of more than 6,000 publications. Pennsylvania publications analyzed includes 146 print and Web sites of mainstream media (excluding blogs). Articles were found in the following: Print and Web versions of: Centre Daily Times, Herald Standard, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Reading Eagle and The Philadelphia Inquirer; print versions of: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and The Morning Call; and Web sites of: ABC 4, CBS3 Philadelphia, FlipSide, NBC 10, NewsMax.com, Observer-Reporter, Our Town, Phillyburbs.com (Philadelphia), Pittsburgh Channel, Public Opinion (Chambersburg, Pa.), Ridgway Record, The Allentown Morning Call, The Citizen's Voice, The Daily Review & Sunday Review, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Times Leader, The Times-Tribune, WJAC TV, York Daily Record, York Sunday News Online and York Weekly Record.

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